December 30, 2015

Word Search Game

Word Search Game is a word puzzle game available for Android with more than 1500 words, with multiple
categories of words and 3 difficulty levels. Word Search Game is a word puzzle game with beautiful
flat design and gently sounds that would enjoy every time.
You can choose to play from different categories of words and from 3 difficulty levels,
which represents the letters board with different sizes where you have to search proposed words.
Words can be found from the top down, bottom up, from left to right or right to left and diagonally
from the top down and bottom up.
Word search game is timer based game where you must find all the words in the shortest time to
earns more points. Challenge your friends with your best scores and share this game with your friends
on facebook, twitter or other social networks.
Don't forget to give us good review and come back from time to time for more levels and words!

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